Project, funded by the European Social Fund ‘Training and improvement of specific competencies for the employees of UAB Klaipėdos Kartono Tara’

On 25 September 2017, UAB Klaipėdos Kartono Tara and the European Social Fund Agency have signed an agreement regarding the project of ‘Training and improvement of specific competencies for the employees of UAB Klaipėdos Kartono Tara’.

The project is funded under the Operational Programme for EU Structural Funds Investments for 2014-2020, priority No. 9 ‘Public education and increasing the potential of human resources’, measure No.  09.4.3-ESFA-T-846 ‘Trainings for employees of foreign investors’. The project is funded from the European Union structural funds.

The purpose of the project is to improve the competence, knowledge and skills of the current and new employees. The trainings, included into the project, are directly related to the work, conducted by the employees, and target the improvement of their specific competencies and skills. The training programmes are distributed according to their functions at the company in order to obtain maximum benefit and adapting the employees’ skills to the needs of the company.

The aim of the project is to enable the company to have employees of the necessary qualifications. Employee training and qualification improvement is an important part of the company’s business. The implementation of this project will enable to expand the number of employees that have the qualifications, knowledge and skills, necessary to this field. The training is expected to take place for 36 months and include 159 of the company’s employees.

Project implementation period: 25 September 2017 – 25 September 2020

Total value of the project: 541,798.11 Eur

Should you need other information, related to this project, please contact UAB Klaipėdos Kartono Tara by phone +370 46 341 884 or e-mail:

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