About us

UAB Klaipėdos Kartono Tara has been established in 2001. The company’s major field of activity is the trade in corrugated cardboard packaging for transportation.

The company has adopted and operates according to the following management system standards:

ISO 9001:2015/ LST EN ISO 9001:2015

EN15593:2008/LST EN 15593:2008

Unilever’s Understanding Responsible Sourcing Audit.

Vision and mission


To become an environmentally-friendly company, focused on preserving natural resources. Also, to become a successful and consistently growing company, known as the most reliable partner among its clients and suppliers.


To produce and supply only the highest-quality corrugated cardboard and its products. We promise our clients a mutually beneficial business relationship because our attitude towards our clients is not only our core value but also the engine, which moves our business improvement forward. We provide our employees with a safe and pleasant working environment, ensuring successful results.

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