Flexographic printing

Flexographic printing is one of the most widely-used methods of printing in the industry of corrugated cardboard packaging. Flexographic printing uses embossed polymer moulds (templates).

An anilox roller covers the embossed areas of the template with ink, which is transferred directly on corrugated cardboard.


We also have our own paint tinting and mixing equipment. Our water-based paint dries quickly and complies with all European Union requirements, applicable to food packaging. We mix the colours, based on the Pantone Solid Uncoated colour catalogue.


We can also mix non-standard colours, based on the client’s sample with the help of a spectrophotometer. There are 4 different colours options. In order to obtain shades or a more complex print, we can offer raster graphics, where various shades are obtained using a tessellation of a single colour dots. Lighter or darker shades are obtained by changing the size of the dots. Larger dots make darker, while smaller – lighter tones.

1 colour printing

2 colour printing

3 colour printing

4 colour printing

1 colour raster printing

2 colour raster printing

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