Environmental protection

UAB Klaipėdos Kartono Tara (hereinafter – the Company) has established methods to improve environmental protection, natural resource saving and preservation, highlighting the target natural resources to be saved, risk factors to be considered and appropriate preventive actions.

Based on the environmental protection legislation, applicable in the Republic of Lithuania, the Company is not classified as a polluting, hazardous or a potentially hazardous object, yet chooses to conduct air pollution monitoring, accounting of ambient air pollution from mobile sources of pollution and waste water pollution control.

In 2012, the Company has installed shut-off valves in its rainwater treatment plant system in order to be able to close the waste water outlets in case of a need.The Company has equipped its potentially polluted areas with low permeability surfaces and a surface waste water treatment system (treatment plants). In 2012, the Company has reconstructed its surface (rain) waste water treatment facilities.

The Company has established the following target natural resources to be saved: water, natural gas and electricity. The saving strategies are subject to appropriate measure.

All waste, generated during the Company’s processes, is managed in accordance with applicable legislation.

If you need more information, please contact us by e-mail:  aplinkosauga@tara.lt