Business principles

  1. Ethical standards

We conduct our business according to the principles of fairness, honesty, respect to the human rights, and care about the interests of our employees. We also respect the legitimate interests of our business partners.

  1. Adherence to the law and normative legislation

UAB Klaipėdos Kartono Tara and its employees must keep to the law and other normative legislation, applicable in our country.
2.1. Human rights
We agree with the basic principles of the United Nations Global Compact on human rights and equal rights at work. Our aim is to ensure respect to the human rights and work in all fields of our business.

  1. Employees

We show respect to each other and each other’s dignity, hoping that everyone contributes to the development of personal sense of responsibility. We hire competent and motivated people, who respect our values, providing equal opportunities for their improvement and advancement, protecting their privacy and showing zero tolerance to harassment, abuse or discrimination.

3.1. Work safety and health
We take responsibility and do our best to prevent any work-related accidents, injuries or vocational diseases. We put effort in protecting our employees, contractors and other people, involved into product development, equipment and building maintenance, renovation and reparation.

  1. Suppliers and clients

We demand honesty, fairness, justice and compliance with our indisputable standards from our suppliers, agents, subcontractors and their employees. In turn, we are obliged to our consumers just the same.

  1. Management obligations

The Company’s business principles are the foundation of our culture, which was shaped in 10 years.
Seeking to ensure long-term success to our shareholders, we must comply with all applicable legal requirements and ensure that our entire activity is sustainable. We must also create notable added-value to the society.

  1. Public activity

UAB Klaipėdos Kartono Tara aims to be a reliable business partner and, being an inseparable part of the society, to implement its obligations to the society and communities that we operate in.

  1. Environmental protection

We are committed to ensure that our business is in harmony with the environment. We do our best to ensure an efficient use of the natural resources in all stages of the product life cycle, giving priority to the use of environmentally-friendly resources and raising a goal to reduce production waste.

  1. Innovations

Seeking to withstand the competition and complex economic conditions, we look for innovative solutions to reduce costs, eliminate various losses, optimise our production processes and being flexible in adapting to the changes of our client demands. We do our best to offer our clients not only quality products at affordable prices, but also be able to satisfy all kinds of their needs in the shortest time possible. Our goal – flexible, cost-effective and efficient business management.
Our innovations will consider and respect the needs of our employees, clients and the society.

  1. Competition

We believe that only fair competition can ensure a successful development of our business, increasing our partner and client trust, and seeking for the highest level management solutions. Our competition complies with all laws and legislation, applicable to competition.

  1. Fair business

We comply with all Lithuanian, European Union and other legislation on competition.
10.1. Bribery
Any forms of corruption or bribery are forbidden.
We implement corruption prevention control.
10.2. Gifts and hospitality
Any types of recreation or hospitality at UAB Klaipėdos Kartono Tara are modest and used to foster good business relations with no intentions to influence the company’s business and cooperation decisions. Gifts between the employees of suppliers and UAB Klaipėdos Kartono Tara should be avoided. Official greetings to other companies are acceptable, but should be transparent and properly recorded.
10.3. Financial records, money laundering and internal information
All business and commercial transactions must be transparent and accurately represented in the accounting books. There have been no factual or attempted cases of money laundering. No confidential information should be used for internal (dishonest) trade.
10.4. Protection of information and assets
The confidential information, practical knowledge, skills and intellectual assets, disposed at UAB Klaipėdos Kartono Tara, are respected and defended. All information, owned by the company, must be used only for its purpose. All and any personal information on persons, for example, consumers or employees of UAB Klaipėdos Kartono Tara, must be processed with respect, considering the protection of their privacy and in accordance with all applicable privacy legislation and rules.
10.5. Product quality and innovations
Products and services comply with the specifications, quality and safety criteria, established in appropriate agreement documents, and are safe to use for their purposes. Laboratory research and development is implemented responsibly, based on good production practice and universally-acknowledged principles of science, technology and ethics.

  1. Conflict of interest

All of the company’s employees are expected to be fair and avoid any personal or financial interests that could be incompatible with their duties to the company.
UAB Klaipėdos Kartono Tara employees cannot use their position for personal gain.

  1. Compliance. Monitoring. Reports

Compliance to these principles is a key element to the success of our business. UAB Klaipėdos Kartono Tara management is responsible to ensure that these principles are applied in the entire company. The CEO is responsible for the implementation of these daily principles; he is assisted by the Managing Director, the Director for Marketing and Logistics, Head of the HR and Legal Issues, Senior Accountant, Production Director, Head of the Control and Quality Laboratory Service, and Head of Work Safety and Health Service. Management comments are included into the annual risk and control report.

Responsibility for the implementation of these principles in the daily activities is evenly distributed to division directors and managers, administration employees and workers.

The implementation of UAB Klaipėdos Kartono Tara business principles is monitored every year.
Violations of the business principles are recorded in accordance with the established procedure and submitted to the CEO in writing. The CEO does not draw accusations or apply penalties for cases of non-compliance, but all parties look for the best solution to eliminate the non-compliance together.
All employees are provided with equal conditions to report cases of non-compliance, despite their position. All employees are guaranteed safety and impunity for informing cases of non-compliance.

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