The laboratory of close joint stock company UAB „Klaipėdos kartono tara" conducts tests to determine quality of corrugated paperboard products. Samples or corrugated paperboard are tested in order to identify the required grade and brand of corrugated paperboard. The quality laboratory carries out the following tests:

BCT (Box Compression Test)

This test is designed to determine box strength (N, kg) and deformation (mm; % of the external height of the box) under pressure. This test allows to determine the maximum load weight that a corrugated paperboard box can be subjected to in order to protect the product from deformation, i.e., having information on the cargo weight in one box, number of rows loaded vertically, it is possible to select required composition of the corrugated paperboard to achieve needed strength of the box.

This test is done using Italian computer based press „Acquatic".

BST (Bursting Strength Test)

This test is conducted to determine corrugated paperboard resistance to bursting (burst strength) (MPa).

ECT (Edgewise Crush Test)

This is the test whereby compression strength of corrugated paperboard lengthwise wave of corrugated paperboard is determined (kN/m).

This test is designed to determine compression strength of the corrugated paperboard sample. This allows selecting required composition according to needed strength of the box.

FCT (Flat Crush Test)

This test is designed to determine strength of the wave of the corrugated paperboard sample (kPa). It depends upon quality and wave height of the corrugated paper.