About us

About us

UAB “Klaipėdos kartono tara“ was established in December, 2001. The main aspect of the enterprise activities is the trading of gofro cardboard packages, designed for the transportation. The successful trading stimulated to implement a much more serious project: gofro cardboard packages production and selling.

UAB “Klaipėdos kartono tara” acquired the gofro carbonate production complex from the AB “Lietuvos tara” branch in 2003, and started producing and selling the 3-5 layers B,C; BB and BC gofro cardboard packages.

In 2007, the enterprise realized that using outdated and depreciated equipment it is hard to take roots into the market; therefore, they have chosen the production modernization as their strategic direction. The updated equipment would allow to increase the productivity and to improve the quality, also to minimize the production terms.

The first modernization period started after purchasing and constructing in the enterprise all as follows:

  • new line, designed for the production of the gofro cardboard packages by adding the two-collor fold stamp. The package is produced in order to pack the mega- size production.
  • new flat-cutting machine, designed for the production of extra-difficult configuration gofro cardboard packages and manufactures. These products generally are used to pack the furniture- industry production.
  • automatic packaging line, designed to pack our manufactured production by twinning around the membrane.

In 2008, we had to change the existing gofro cardboard production line, in order to ensure the quality of the manufactured gofro package and gofro cardboard blanks.

The second modernization period started, when we bought and constructed:

  • a huge part of the gofro cardboard production line from one of the most famous gofro aggregates- German company manufacturer “BHS”.
  • two new fast-going lines, which are designed in order to produce the packages by adding three-colour fold stamp.

By this way, the modernization of the enterprise was successfully ended up - the end of 2008 became the further development period of the company, taking roots into the market and successfully competing with other manufacturing companies of the packages production.

The new appearing opportunities started to supply a wide range of the qualified spectrum of the gofro package, by minimizing the manufacturing terms and delivery time to the customers.

The enterprise can be proud of the continuous cooperation with its existing partners for many years and hope for a good cooperation with its new customers.